Review: Wytches #1


Wytches is a new series by Scott Snyder, known for writing American Vampire and Batman. This series takes a new twisty, turny creepy look at witch lore. 

Things we liked

  • NH! The family has moved to NH. We’re in NH. Therefore, we like.
  • Concept
  • Scott Snyder’s letter in the back pages

Things we didn’t like

  • Choppy flashbacks

Random things that caught our attention (for better or worse)

  • Even in NH, deer don’t just wander into your house. Although one League lady does know someone who kept a deer for a pet.

For the most part, the group liked issue one and are looking forward to issue 2. Some concern over the story becoming girl-needs-to-save-dad-from-creepy-other-world theme resulted in a bet to see how it turns by issue 4.


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