Review: The Woods #1


The Woods is a new series by James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas. It’s the creepy tale of a group high school students and teachers that vanish from our world and end up light years away in a primordial forest. 

Things we liked

  • the art it had an Archie comics feel that you don’t see all the time
  • a character for everyone
  • a whiny kid gets killed right off the bat  (we might be a little dark)
  • the bat creature (referred to as Doctor Robot in Issue 2)

Things we didn’t like

  • not much

Random things that caught our attention (for better or worse)

  • how many of us can’t wait for the death of Adrian (yes, we’re grim)

Overall it was a fun read. Since there are so many characters,  it seemed easy to identify with at least one. It does have a high school power struggle dynamic to it which some of us liked more than others. We’re fairly certain it’s all real and not a dream but only time will tell.



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