Review: Ghost #1


Ghost Issue 1 is a female superhero comic by Kelly Sue DeConnickChris Sebela and Ryan Sook about a mysterious female, dressed in white, who has limited information about her past but has amazing abilities.

This month’s review is a tad different. Apparently, Ghost has been rebooted a few times. Half the group read the 2012 Ghost #1 The Smoke and the Din written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Phil Noto and the other half read 2013 Ghost #1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Chris Sebela and Ryan Sook. Oops! To be fair, Dark Horse Digital appears to only have the 2012 version and our local comic shop ordered the 2012 trades. Confusion all around!

Anywho, we think we managed to cobble together some helpful tidbits.

Things we liked

  • The art, especially the Phil Noto version but we did like both
  • The color palette. You could argue this belongs with art, but it’s so beautiful it deserves it’s own point

Things we didn’t like

  • Random changing of her clothes; she walk in a room in one outfit and then the next panel is another another. Noted in both versions, it’s a little odd. Is the power of fashion one of her superpowers?

Random things that caught our attention (for better or worse)

  • Felt a little Supernatural-esque at times
  • In the 2012 issue, the bag-gag was unexpected but creepy

The 2012 version gave a good introduction into the characters while the 2013 version jumped right into the action.  Overall, one League lady summed up the 2012 and the 2013; 2012 seems more paranormal thriller and 2013 seems more superhero. Most of us leaned toward the paranormal thriller spectrum and several of the trades were purchased.


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