Review: Rachel Rising Vol. 1


Rachel Rising was created by writer and artist, Terry Moore, most commonly known for the comic book series Strangers in Paradise. The story focuses on a woman who woke up in a shallow grave, trying to piece together the events of what happened to her.

Things we liked

  • The way the art told the story without lots of unnecessary words

Things we didn’t like

  • The similarity in the drawing of Rachel to another character. We couldn’t tell if that was on purpose or by accident.

Random things that caught our attention (for better or worse)

  • We weren’t sure if Aunt Johnny was male or female. Not that it really mattered, but it threw us off a bit that the character seemed to be draw as male the first time and then as a female in the rest.

Overall, we liked it, but we didn’t have much to say about it. Normally, we can chat on and on, but for some reason, try as we might, there was only so much we had. It’s a good dark read, if you’re into that stuff.  It’s only on Issue 24, so there’s plenty of time for folks to catch up and see what happens next.


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