Image All the Time?


When we pick our monthly read we really don’t normally pay much attention to the publisher.  So when someone pointed out that our reads as of late have been very Image heavy, it got me thinking. And thinking leads me to data.

Here’s the list from our last six meetings (and Feb since we’re so close):

  • Aug 2013 – Red Sonya (Dynamite)
  • Sept 2013 – Scalped (Vertigo)
  • Oct 2013 – American Vampire (Vertigo)
  • Nov 2013 – Punk Rock Jesus (Vertigo)
  • Dec 2013 – Umbral (Image)
  • Jan 2014 – Rocket Girl (Image)
  • Feb 2014 – Rat Queens (Image)

Here’s the list from our pitch session. At our last meeting, each member wandered the shop and came back to pitch something to the group for the Feb read.

  • Hawkeye (Marvel)
  • Mind the Gap (Image)
  • Harley Quinn (DC Comic)
  • Velvet (Image)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel)
  • Rachel Rising (Abstract Studio)
  • Legenderry (Dynamite)
  • Revival (Image)
  • Twilight Zone (Dynamite)
  • Rat Queens (Image)

Reading the pitch list, there doesn’t seem to be any publisher-brand bias. Although it is noticeable that Marvel and DC don’t feature prominently for all the Marvel vs DC chatter you often hear associated with comics.

What is evident is what captures our attention. Books that have a mix of different story lines, intriguing characters, and cool art tend to do well with us. We’re also lucky that our local shop carries such a variety that we can easily peruse the racks and see what looks interesting.

If you’re new to comics and trying to find some neat reads, check out the above and let us know what you think!



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