Review: Rocket Girl Issue 1

  Check out this video from their successful Rocket Girl June Kickstarter.

Dear LoEG, I’m sorry. Please accept my public apology for buying the last copy of Rocket Girl Issue (until they order more).  I swear I just thought I was late to the game, the last one picking it up.

But in all seriousness, that statement should give you a hint of how we feel about Rocket Girl Issue 1.

Rocket Girl is a new comic by Brian Montclare and Amy Reeder featuring a teenage, Dayoung Johansson, who is a cop in the Teen New York Police department. From this futuristic tech savvy city,  she goes back in time to 1984 to investigate a corporation for crimes against time.

Things we liked

  • Dayoung is written both a believable cop and a believable teenager
  • Characters that have realistic bodies  (double points on this one)
  • Female characters drawn with lots of different facial expressions
  • Cover art – all three covers have been stellar

Things we didn’t like

  • Choppiness switching back and forth from “1986. The present” to “2013. The past”

Random things that caught our attention (for better or worse)

  • “2013. The past.”  looking cooler than our actual 2013 made us a teensy bit said. We want rocket packs, too.
  • Inquiring minds – how do you pronounce Dayoung’s name? (I’m about to tweet out to the creators and hope they respond or comment here)

UPDATE 1/11: The creators, Brandon and Amy, were both super quick to respond on Twitter to our question.  Brandon says that the similarities in “DaYoung” and “Die young” are not lost on them. Bonus, the designs on Dayoung’s outfit are inspired by the Korean characters for “Da” on her helment and “young” on her chest. 

brandon montclare

amy reeder

All in all, Rocket Girl got a big thumbs up. Folks have already started picking up Issue 2 and looking for Issue 3. We’re all curious to see where it goes.


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