Review: Umbral Issue 1

umbral review

On a cold December night, joined by a few first time attendees (woo hoo!), the League reviewed Umbral issue 1.  Umbral is a dark fantasy focused (at least in Issue 1) on its young female protagonist, Rascal. Warning, there may be a few spoilers ahead.

In the spirit of all those year-end lists, let’s make some of our own.

Things we liked

  • the art, especially how the monster eyes seemed to glow
  • the spunky girl
  • the prince’s unexpected demise

Things we didn’t like

  • how typical fantasy things felt
  • the map

Random things that caught out attention (for better of worse)

  • how the Oculus was drawn – code name glowing gumball
  • the three dots under Rascal’s eyes – tattoos?  piercings? implants?  (details needed for stellar cosplay)

Only League member, Paradise, loved this book, the rest of the group felt lukewarm about it. As we talked about it, the story seemed like any other fantasy story with nothing that felt particularly new or improved upon. Even some of the art reminded us of other fantasy; sometimes Rascal looks like Sarah in Labyrinth. Of course that’s hard to do in one issue, but still…

All in all, there are a few loose ends for which we’d like answers, so we’ve delegated Paradise to keep reading and report back.


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