You don’t have to take our word for it: Captain Marvel makes NPR’s 2013 Great Reads List

captain marvel

She made the list!

Back in April, League member Megan suggested we read Captain Marvel for our May meeting, we decided to roam out into the comic store and check it out. We instantly loved the watercolor-feel art in issue 1 and decided to give it a shot.

After reading issue 1, we were hooked.

First, whether or not we had read about Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel, we were thrilled that she’s now Captain. She’s smart and strong and a great character, who just so happens to be female. We were glad to see the long-deserved title recognition.


Our Carol Corps dog tags sent by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick

Issue 1 wasn’t perfect. The story was strong, but some of the body angles in the art were a little, um interesting. (Read: we may have laughed about frames where the butts looked over-emphasized) But it was equal opportunity for both Captain America and Captain Marvel, so we had a good laugh and moved on.

Many of us bought the trade and haven’t looked back since. On our panel at Granite State Comic Con we shared our group’s love and chatted hopefully about rumors over a Captain Marvel move.  Some of us may have squeed with joy at the fabulous Captain Marvel costumes by Bethany Maddock and BelleChere.



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