Review: Punk Rock Jesus Issue 1


I won’t lie. Originally, we  set out to read all 6 issues bundled nicely into one trade. Some of us made it all the way through and some were just busy. Don’t judge, we’re just having fun.

The November read was Sean Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus.  We were impressed that it was both written and illustrated by him. Go, Sean!

The baseline of the story, and really there are no spoilers as it’s all early  in Issue 1, is that they’ve found a way to clone Jesus through found DNA. And make Jesus’s new life a reality TV show.

All of us loved the concept, especially since it was something really different. Personally, the parallel story about Thomas, the guy in charge of security,  and his IRA flashbacks was a little odd, but as a group we discussed how it dovetailed into the religious fanatic themes of the book. The most fun we had sharing our stories about our experiences with folks who wanted to overly share/push their religion on us. Whether it be nicely reminding them we were doing them a favor and they could get out and walk home home to Jehovah Witnesses who avoid our houses, it seemed we all had some tidbit to add.

And that might be the real beauty of a story like this: a  way for us to talk about religion without talking about religion.





One thought on “Review: Punk Rock Jesus Issue 1

  1. I really like this book. It was religiously themed but wasn’t preachy. It was more like a day in the life of Billy Graham meets the Truman show. It was a very interesting treatment of religious themes.

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