Review: Unbeatable Squirel Girl #1

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We tried so hard to pick a happy read for December, but it turns out we just needed to wait until Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 hit our local comic shop (LCS.) The title by Ryan North and Ericka Henderson follows the adventures of Squirrel Girl touted as the “nuttiest and most upbeat super hero in the world” as she starts college.

Things we liked

  • it’s cute and funny
  • Tippy-Toe, the squirrel with a bow
  • her college roommate

Things we didn’t like

  • the font and color of the bottom notes make them very hard to read; can we get a magnifying glass with each purchase?

Random things that caught our attention (for better or worse)

  • the way her tucked in tail makes her butt look; we’re waiting to see if fun booty comments from a college co-ed are in her future

Overall, we had a positive vibe. Not many of us had read previous Squirrel Girl arcs so we approached it with a fresh look. Some of us are curious about how she’ll balance her super hero work with her “just a regular human girl going to college” shtick.

February Read: Squirrel Girl #1


The February meeting takes place at Double Midnight Comics in Manchester on Thursday February 12 at 6:30pm.

In a tied vote, disputed coin toss, Squirrel Girl #1 by Ryan North and Ericka Henderson beat out ODY-C #1 by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward. Although the official read is Squirrel Girl, if you happened to read both and want to discuss, I’m sure there will be interest in chatting about it.

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January Geek Ladies Social

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In addition to our monthly discussion group, think book club for comics, the League hosts a Geek Ladies Social on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 6:30-8pm for ladies to come and talk about our favorite geekery – anything from comics to TV/movies to cosplay and beyond. Hope to you see there!

Geek Ladies Social
January 28

Review: Bitch Planet #1


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For January, we read Bitch Planet #1 written by Kelly Sue Deconnick and art by Valentine De Landro. Billed as a”highly-anticipated women-in-prison sci-fi exploitation riff. Think Margaret Atwood meets Inglourious Basterds” we swept up with the buzz and here’s what we thought.

Things we liked

  • The cover and the faux ads back page
  • 1970s women in prison B movie vibe
  • butt kicking inmate (no spoilers!)

Things we didn’t like

  • Shock value, the whole issue seemed more shocking than anything else

Random things that caught our attention (for better or worse)

  • We all had to re-read the wife-saving pages several times to understand what was happening. Not sure if that was by design.
  • We have so many questions by the end of the issue. Maybe not too many but a lot.

Ultimately, we’re looking forward to where this is going and agree to continue our conversation later this after issue 3 or 4. We’re curious to see if the issues that issue 1 raises (fear compliance of both women AND men, for example) really get fleshed out or if they’re just used as attention-grabbing fodder.